School of the West  is an educational resource for homeschooling parents.

Our Mission:

  • Provide quality homeschooling material that addresses educational and psychological needs.
  • Enable children to develop healthy self-esteem by displaying their culture in a dignified manner.

Dignity for All - Even Westernkind

Latest Site Updates

Elite Series for Teens: Psychological concepts: Happiness, Morality, Envy, Victimhood, Fragile Ego, Cowardice, Respect. Political concept: Power (updated 1 May 2023).

Calculus: This series spans a full college level Calculus One course. Contains 32 lessons (added 7 Apr 2023).

DNA & Heredity: A module explaining genetic encoding, variance and heritability (added 13 Mar 2023).

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Our material is designed to be administered by parents, in the homeschooling education of their children.


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