Lesson 32: "Volume"

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Calculus,  Volume

Lesson 32 of 32:  This lesson applies integration to find three-dimensional volumes, and solids of revolution.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Malt earned his bachelor’s degree in Physics, and worked as an engineer for many years. His education was hard-won, and he enjoys instructing students in ways he believes are most effective – saving them as much confusion and frustration as is possible. He did not have the benefit of the internet when he was growing up, and believes it can, and should, be a resource for all students.

John believes the United States public school system has gone from bad to worse in recent years – both in terms of quality of education provided, and in terms of fostering pride and dignity for the people who built the United States, the Westmen (Whites). Therefore, providing a White-positive education to students is of the utmost urgency and importance, and should be given high priority.

Not only is a White-positive education and culture important for today’s children, it is also crucial for Westernkind (the White race) as a whole. To this end, John believes that daily efforts should be made to help Westernkind, because without group well-being, individual well-being is not possible.

For all of these reasons, John chooses to dedicate his time and energy to the School of the West.