Elite Series


The Elite Series was created to provide teenage students with material that supports their wellbeing, and provides them with context for understanding the political climate they will enter as adults. 

◃ Psychology CONCEPTS ▹

The decisions we make throughout our lives are done in order to make us happy. 

  In this video we’ll look at:

  • The different routes people take to achieve happiness.
  • Why seeking instant pleasure doesn’t lead to lasting happiness.
  • The transgender phenomenon problem.
  • The importance of family and tradition.


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The morality of Westernkind is unique to Westernkind.

  In this video we’ll look at:

  • Why the morality of the white race (Westernkind) is different from the other races.
  • Our high-trust morality has been taken advantage of by antiwhites – including our governments.
  • The antiwhite’s attack on Westernkind is based on making whites feel guilty.



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Envy often causes resentment, which may then lead to assault. 

  In this video we’ll look at:

  • Examples of enviousness.
  • How envy for Westernkind has lead to antiwhiteism.
  • An analogy for understanding the various attacks on Westernkind.



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Claiming to be an eternal victim is a tool for manipulating others. 
  In this video we’ll look at:

  • What is the benefit to claiming victimhood?
  • What are the dangers of having victimhood groups living in your society?
  • An example of “playing the victim”.



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The fragile ego is common, and a major impediment to improvement. 
  In this video we’ll look at:

  • Comparing a healthy ego to a fragile ego.
  • An example of the fragile ego rejecting an uncomfortable truth.


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Being afraid is natural, being a coward is not. 
  In this video we’ll look at:

  • Why people choose cowardice over courage.
  • An experiment on social conformity.
  • How courage is a choice anyone can choose.



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Respect, honor, sacrifice – these traits are foundational to healthy societies. 

  In this video we’ll look at these concepts:

  • Respect is earned slowly, but cannot be taken from you.
  • Duty and sacrifice bring honor to a person.
  • You will always have a reputation. Your actions determine what kind it is.


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