Youth Elite Series

The Youth Elite Series is designed for parents to use at their discretion, in order to prepare their children for the antiwhite propaganda they will encounter. Giving a child the tools to recognize propaganda for what it is, gives them the best chance to avoid indoctrination, and to live a happy, well-adjusted life. 

This is an introduction to the extremely useful term “biospirit” – which encompasses the culture, norms, expectations and physical projections of a race. The material is designed for children ages 8 and up.

This short video is designed for children ages 4 and up. It tells the story of Henry, who has problems in a typical public school full of antiwhites and antiwhite policy, and the contrast he sees after joining a school with others like him.

This is a story of a White student controlled by White Guilt – stemming from the envy of fellow students, and  antiwhite gaslighting coming from the teacher. The student is lost and defeated until and new student, with no white guilt, sets an example for how to respond to the antiwhiteism. 

This video describes a game that can be played by children and adults. It teaches the player to recognize several forms of antiwhite propaganda.