"Western Kids Going Free" (Going Free Concepts)

ABOUT THIS SLIDE SHOW: The process of Going Free from anti-white propaganda requires thinking about things in a different way. As Westernkind, we have to be aware of how our victimizers try to harm us. We also have to create new words we can use to talk about our Going Free ideas. This slide show will introduce some new words and new ideas.

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Slide 1:  The strategy for making sure white boys and white girls (Westernkind) are safe and happy is called Going Free. This strategy was made by a man called Jason Kohne. He started protecting white boys and white girls while he was still a boy himself. Another person who cares very much about the wellbeing of white boys and white girls is Althaea Promethiea. She made this slide show to teach you about some important ideas that can keep you safe and happy.

Slide 2:  “Atonement cannot be made for a grievance never committed.” Atonement means to try and make something better after you did something bad. Grievance means something bad that was done. So the statement means that people cannot be sorry for something that they didn’t do. The anti-whites want us to feel bad about things we never did. For example, racial strangers (non-whites) may not do as well as us in school or at their jobs, so they blame us for their poor performance. They want us to apologize because they cannot do what we do.

Slide 3:  The source of hatred for Westernkind is jealousy and envy. A person is jealous of someone else if they feel like another person gets treated better, or if they feel that the other person is “lucky”. A person will be envious of someone else if that other person has something they want. Instead of the anti-whites acknowledging that Westernkind has made itself more successful than other races, they use words like “injustice” and “disparity” to make excuses for why they are not as successful as us. They are jealous, so they try to hurt us.

Slide 4:  A Meme is an idea that spreads from one person to another person.  A Pathogen is something that is bad for you. When we say Meme Pathogen, it means an idea that is destructive to Westernkind. For example, many pictures and shows will try to convince white girls they should only be friends with non-white boys, or fall in love with non-white boys. Our victimizers also want white girls to think white boys are weak or broken. Many times white boys will be drawn small, on crutches, or in a wheelchair. These ideas are all Meme Pathogens because they are meant to hurt us.

Slide 5:  Our anti-white victimizers want boys and girls of Westernkind to grow up and marry racial strangers (non-whites) because they will have non-white babies after they are married. If there are only non-white babies, then white people will disappear. Trying to make white people disappear is called White Erasure. Only a white mother and white father can make white babies. That is why it is important white girls marry white boys after they are grown up.

Slide 6:  Our anti-white victimizers are the people who make shows, movies, and advertisements. They show non-whites being smart and good. They show whites as the bad guys. Our victimizers do this so white girls and white women will be tricked into marrying non-whites. If that happens, then the white women will not have white babies. Without white babies there will be no more Westernkind.

Slide 7:  Our anti-white victimizers show white boys getting beat up. They do this to encourage non-white children to beat up white boys and girls. Our anti-white victimizers also show white women with black babies because they don’t want white women to have white babies. They want white babies to disappear because they want White Erasure.

Slide 8:  Our victimizers try to hurt us in many ways. They tell the racial strangers in our countries (the non-whites) to hate us and be mean to us. They try to trick our people with Meme Pathogens (anti-white propaganda), so our people will hate themselves. Our people (Westernkind) have been very nice, so we didn’t know we were being tricked before. But now we know not to be tricked. When we are aware of the tricks our victimizers play on us, that is called Going Free !

Slideshow and Wordsearch by Althaea Promethiea