The Great Westmen:

Science and Technology

Michael Faraday

Featured Accomplishment: Discovery of electromagnetic induction
English physicist and chemist
Born: September 22, 1791 Newington, Surrey, England
Died: August 25, 1867 Hampton Court, Surrey, England
   Michael Faraday was an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electro-chemistry. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis. He is responsible for proposing the existence of lines of force as the essence of a field. This revolutionized the way forces were thought of in physics.

   Besides his discoveries in the field of electrodynamics, Faraday also invented the electric motor using a magnet and a rotating wire. He created the first generator. He discovered two chlorides of carbon and discovered benzene and the law of electrolysis. Although Faraday received little formal education, he was one of the most influential scientists in history. The unit of capacitance, the Farad, is named in his honour.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hello, my name is Joseph Montag. I happen to have the same last name as the protagonist in the novel Fahrenheit 451. In the novel, Montag works as a fireman that destroys the cultural memory of his people by burning books. If the book were written today he would also be tearing down statues. Realizing his folly, he has a change of heart and instead of destroying the cultural memory of his people, he begins to save it.

     As a Westman I endeavor to preserve our cultural memory and educate fellow Westmen as to the accomplishments of Westernkind. I feel it is important to keep our story alive and focused upon the marvelous achievements of us as a people. I never realized that the depth and breadth of our achievements was so wide and deep until I came to White wellbeing and began investigating what was hidden from me in plain sight. I had become deracinated and disconnected from my people. Now I am shaking off my White noir, taking pride in Westernkind and reconnecting with my people at multiple levels, both online and in real life.

     I like researching and studying the stories of individual Westmen because it puts a human face on it and exposes the bond of kinship we all have to those Westmen that came before us. I hope these stories help you better understand and connect with Westernkind, with the Westman inside of you. It is our story, it is in us all, and each of us writes a new chapter everyday.