The Great Westmen:

Science and Technology
Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson
Featured Accomplishment: Known as the father of the U2 and SR-71 supersonic spy planes.
American of Swedish descent
Born: February 27, 1910, Ishpeming, MI
Died: December 21, 1990, Los Angeles, CA
  Kelly Johnson came from humble beginnings, born in a small mining town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. He rose to become a legend in the aviation industry. His designs were cutting edge state of the art. He created the “skunk works” and ran it with his own unique set of rules, Kelly’s rules as they were known.

   His resume of accomplishments reads like a list of the most iconic airplanes in aviation history. He exemplifies what can be done when a person is able to fulfill his Potential to Power, that is: to achieve all the he can be through the full application of his God-given talents.