The Great Westmen:

Literature and Music

Kalevala: The Sibelus Problem

       To the anti-Whites an ethnic European consciousness is verboten.

       Psychologists have long studied how the aesthetics, and psychological forces surrounding a musical performance can cause us to feel emotions so deeply.

       The Music of Sibelius in the context of an awakening of ethnic national consciousness was music that moved people emotionally. But worse for the anti-Whites was the fact that an entire nation was contextualizing and forming a habitual nostalgic connection between the music of Sibelius and their own ethnic consciousness. This connection went beyond the conscious mind and rooted into the subconscious mind. This had to be deconstructed.

       The anti-Whites lost the first round but the process of deconstructionism is on going into the 21st century. Atonality is a form of musical deconstruction. Compare these two musical works:

             Schoenberg atonal Piano Concerto

             Siebelius Finlandia

       Note that all elements of the ethnic identity of Westernkind (Homeland-Language-Culture) must be destroyed through placement into the anti-White Narrative . The anti-White assault is full spectrum. The Welsh language is under assault and declared “racist” (remember the word “racist” is an anti-White slur) and the Helsingin Sanomat, the Finland’s biggest daily, is also under assault as it celebrated its 130th anniversary. An anti-White blog dedicated to Finnish anti-Whiteism comments on a published staff photo: “Congratulations on your important anniversary but the picture below reinforces what I knew about the daily and Finnish mainstream media in general: It’s too white.”
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Hello, my name is Joseph Montag. I happen to have the same last name as the protagonist in the novel Fahrenheit 451. In the novel, Montag works as a fireman that destroys the cultural memory of his people by burning books. If the book were written today he would also be tearing down statues. Realizing his folly, he has a change of heart and instead of destroying the cultural memory of his people, he begins to save it.

     As a Westman I endeavor to preserve our cultural memory and educate fellow Westmen as to the accomplishments of Westernkind. I feel it is important to keep our story alive and focused upon the marvelous achievements of us as a people. I never realized that the depth and breadth of our achievements was so wide and deep until I came to White wellbeing and began investigating what was hidden from me in plain sight. I had become deracinated and disconnected from my people. Now I am shaking off my White noir, taking pride in Westernkind and reconnecting with my people at multiple levels, both online and in real life.

     I like researching and studying the stories of individual Westmen because it puts a human face on it and exposes the bond of kinship we all have to those Westmen that came before us. I hope these stories help you better understand and connect with Westernkind, with the Westman inside of you. It is our story, it is in us all, and each of us writes a new chapter everyday.