The Great Westmen:

Science and Technology
Każimierz Żegleń
Featured Accomplishment: Invention of the bullet proof vest.
Polish Born: village of Kaczanówka in Galicia
(then in the Austrian partition of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy)
Died: Date and place unknown (probably sometime in the 1920s)
  Każimierz Żegleń, or Casimir Zeglen as the anglicized version of his name is spelled, is one of those interesting stories from what seems like the back waters of Western Civilization. He is the inventor of the bullet proof vest- yet his name and story are virtually unknown.

   His obscurity, despite his inventiveness, highlights the breadth of our Western Civilization. Zeglen became neither rich nor famous for his invention, and died in relative obscurity. Still, he is part of the grand mosaic that built our modern civilization.