Material Science

Course Description:

We are surrounded and interact with the physical word every day. This course will describe the various materials we encounter and their various properties. Why are these materials hard or soft? Why do some materials conduct electricity and some materials do not? Why are certain materials used in a specific application? Interspersed within these lessons are descriptions of processes used to make and form materials.

This course is a descriptive survey course of materials. It is descriptive in that it does not employ mathematical problem solving. Some algebraic equations are presented, but only to better describe a specific material. It is a survey course in that it covers a broad range of materials (metals, polymers, gases, etc.) and will not go into depth in any one area. For each lesson, review questions are available to check that the student understands the concepts. The answers to the questions are presented within the video lessons.


There are no course prerequisites. This course is best suited to middle school students and higher- although inquisitive upper elementary students will also benefit.

Material Science: