Membership Plans

      The Youth WWB and Teen WWB courses will run concurrently. One price ($60.00) will give indvidual or family access to both live lesson courses. The Youth course is developed for 4 to 10 year olds, the Teen course is developed for 11 years and up. Art projects will be included as part of the Youth course.
      The lessons are taught in a seminar fashion, and will include homework designed to increase the understanding of the material. Lessons will be recorded and made available to any participants. Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

♦♦♦ 4 January to 28 January (4 weeks- 8 live lessons) ♦♦♦

Youth: Biospirit/Westernkind
      The concepts of Biospirit and Westernkind are the foundations of understanding differences between the races of mankind – and their civilizational instincts. This class will introduce children to the discrimination they may face in their lives, and how to deal with it. Children will understand the gift of being born a member of Westernkind and the qualities that separate us from the other races.

      Key Concept: Each race carries a separate set of instincts, called Biospirit.
      Key Concept: The White race is known as Westernkind, because only the White race can build Western Civilization. “Without Westernkind, there is no Western Civilization.”

Teen: Understanding Propaganda
      The concept of propaganda is introduced, and the mechanics of how it alters perception is discussed. Emphasis is given to subtle vs overt propaganda, the effects on the subconscious mind, the avenues used to disseminate propaganda and the role propaganda plays in the news media.

      Key Concept: Anti-White propaganda has been in use for decades, with the goal of inflicting harm on Western Civilization and Westernkind.
      Key Concept: Anti-Whites have played on our attributes of empathy and fairness, to pressure us into giving over our civilization. “The true aim of the anti-white is to punish the Westman for the feelings of inferiority that Westernkind inspires in him.”
      Key Concept: In conflicts, the “good guys” don’t always win, but rather the “winners” portray themselves as the good guys.

♦♦♦ 1 February to 4 March (5 weeks- 10 live lessons) ♦♦♦

Youth: Where We Come From
      This class will focus on space and earth science, giving children a simplified, yet functional, model of earth systems, allowing them to understand the mechanics of archeology, absolute dating and relative dating. The science is presented in a format that neither supports, nor attacks, any religion, or lack thereof. It is presented as vital knowledge to understand the migration patterns of our ancestors. Understanding the migrations of our people gives the child a deeper understanding of our ancient histories, which point to the development and influence of our people across a much larger swath of the globe than anti-White historians give credence to.

      Key Concept: Whites build similar civilizations wherever they lay down roots. “America is one place…The only place America exists is in us… America is only a place on a map as long as we say it is a place on the map.”
      Key Concept: Only members of a race that build a nation are true citizens of that nation. “Whites can’t be immigrants to Western Civilization because the West can only exist in us. It only exists because we exist.”

Teen: Where We Come From
      The Teen class covers the same information as the Youth class, but presents the scientific knowledge in more detail, and provides more in-depth evidence for the locations of our ancient civilizations.

♦♦♦ 8 March to 28 Apr (8 weeks- 16 live lessons) ♦♦♦

Youth: Anti-White or All Right?
      Children will be introduced to anti-White propaganda that targets them in comics, TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc.
      They will be taught to play a game with their parents called “Is it Anti-White, or is it All Right?”. This will allow both the parents and children to develop their awareness of the different methods of of anti-White propaganda being employed against our youth.
      Students will participate in art projects that celebrate aspects of Westernkind.

Teen: Group Wellbeing
      A significant percentage of Westernkind has devolved into a quagmire of selfishness and individualism. Spiritual pursuits have been replaced by materialsm. Our people have forgotten that our individual wellbeing is contingent upon our group wellbeing.
      The hierarchical nature of Westernkind- including the basic family unit with traditional member roles- is foundational to our group wellbeing. Feminism destroys the family unit, thus weakening our societies.

      Key Concept: The advances of Western Civilization are due to flashes of individual brilliance built within a well-functioning, high trust society. (That society is a manifestation of our biospirit).
      Key Concept: Our governments are corrupt because their members use their positions to enrich themselves.
      Key Concept: Western Civilization has suffered catastrophic failures of leadership.
      Key Concept: Tradition is integral to the functioning of a nation. “Tradition is what you call the solution to a problem after you’ve forgotten what the problem is. Take away the solution, and the problem comes back.”

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Basic Elementary Lessons

Personalized Lessons

      The “Basic Elementary Lessons” membership includes one Math course and one ELA course for one child, (at either the lower, middle or upper elementary level). The lessons will provide a foundation for your child in Mathematics, Reading, Grammar and basic Writing skills.

      As additional subjects are created, they will be added as options at no additional cost throughout the 21/22 school year.

      This membership will allow parents/students to take part in Community Chats with other homeschooling families.

      The membership is offered on a month-to-month basis. Parents can cancel or change membership type at any time.
      This membership grants all the benefits of the “Basic Elementary Lessons” membership, plus entitles your child to two one-hour personalized (tutoring) sessions per week.

Tutoring subjects include, but are not limited to:
     ELA: (English/Reading/Grammar/Writing) all grades
     History: all grades
     Math: Elementary grades, Geometry and Pre-Algebra
     Science: Physical, Life, Earth&Space, Pre-Chemistry

      The membership is offered on a month-to-month basis. Parents can cancel or change membership type at any time.



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