ABOUT THIS LESSON: Material Science, Atoms

Lesson 2 of 33.  Atoms are the building blocks of all materials. In this foundational lesson, we learn the particles within atoms. The periodic table of elements is introduced. This introductory lesson will lead to the lesson on chemical bonding.

Knowledge Check
What are the sub-atomic particles that are in atoms? What are their electrical charges?
What force holds the nucleus together?
Can you identify the element name from the following symbols: H, He, Li, C, O, Al, Si?
What is an ion?
Describe electron orbitals.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Theodore Miner has a B.S. degree in Physics and a degree in Electronics. He has worked for many years in the area of Industrial Control systems. His work involves evaluating materials and components used in electronic systems and performing failure analysis on control systems. His hobbies include tinkering with microcontroller home projects and ham radio.