"Nickel, Cobalt"
ABOUT THIS LESSON: Material Science, Metals, Nickel/Cobalt

Lesson 20 of 33. These two elements are side-by-side on the periodic table and share some properties and applications. Learn how both are used in super alloys, batteries, and as ferromagnetic materials. This lesson will describe the NiMH and Li-ion battery. Also described are the properties for ferromagnetism and paramagnetism. Ferrites and rare earth magnets are introduced.

Knowledge Check:
What are super alloys and why are they called “super”?
Describe ferromagnetism at the material level.
What are “hard” and “soft” magnetic materials?
Describe the internal operation of the Li-ion battery.
Name a rare earth element used as a magnet.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Theodore Miner has a B.S. degree in Physics and a degree in Electronics. He has worked for many years in the area of Industrial Control systems. His work involves evaluating materials and components used in electronic systems and performing failure analysis on control systems. His hobbies include tinkering with microcontroller home projects and ham radio.