What is coding?
      Coding, or programming, is giving a machine some instructions to run – one after the other. All the machines you see and use around you are running programs in order to do their work.

Why learn coding?
      Learning how to write a program that solves an issue is a process that stimulates both creative and logical thinking. Besides that, coding is a required knowledge in any Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field (STEM).

When can you start to learn coding?
      There is no real age limits to coding. The only requirements are:
  • Know how to read and write (in the Latin/English alphabet)
  • Know how to use a keyboard
  • Know how some very basic math (for example, how to perform a sum of large numbers)

      These courses are intended to teach the basics of coding to children, but they can also be useful for adults. In the case of younger children, it is recommended they view the lessons with a parent.

Programming Classes:

Coding Basics (by Iberian Rider)
Coding Flow (by Iberian Rider)
Introduction to Python (by Theodore Miner)

Source Control Classes:

Git Basics (by Iberian Rider)