LECTURE 3: "Physiologic Differences"

ABOUT THIS LECTURE SERIES: Secondary Level, Life Science: Race Differences

Lecture 3 of 6.

The subject matter of this series is suitable for the entire family. The general themes can be understood by younger children, and those without a scientific background. However, the material is designed for secondary/university students with at least a background in public school biology.

This lecture includes two pages of self-paced homework. The homework contains comprehension and essay questions. The time required for a homeschooled student to work through the lecture and associated homework is dependent upon the depth of study he/she undertakes regarding the material (a reasonable period is one to two weeks). It is strongly suggested parents take an active role in working through the material with their children.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mrs. Eliza is a scientist with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology, as well as an advanced degree in a related scientific field. She grew up in anti-Whiteism, and is very thankful to have found White Wellbeing. Her dream is for all White children to be raised in a White positive environment, and to receive a White positive education.