Vehicle Maintenance

Changing Your Oil

  1. Get supplies together (buy correct oil and oil filter for your vehicle)
  2. Jack and prop vehicle (if needed)
  3. Remove engine oil cap
  4. Remove oil pan drain plug (drain oil)
  5. Replace old oil filter
  6. Replace oil pan drain plug
  7. Put in new oil
  8. Replace engine oil cap
  9. Remove tools, jack, stands (if needed)
  10. Recycle the used oil
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Recharging Your AC Refrigerant

  1. (Buy refrigerant kit)
  2. Under hood, locate correct valve on AC line
  3. Start vehicle and AC in cab
  4. Attach valve to AC line
  5. Squeeze handle to fill AC system
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Introduction: Under the Hood/Bonnet


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Introduction: The Undercarriage


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Introduction: Front Wheels and Disc Brakes

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OUR CONTRIBUTORS: First Nate, Jason Kohne