Viking History


"Vikings for White Wellbeing" (By Hanz Hugren)

Map of the Frankish Empire

Frankish empire and neighbors, from 481 AD to 810 AD

Episode 1 : A Fury is Born

Charlemagne’s forced conversion of the Saxons

Episode 1 Supplement

Siege of Eresburg. Destruction of the Irminsul.
Desidirius and his Lombards, father-in-law to Charlemagne.
Widukind/ Wittekind rises to leadership.
Battle at Süntel (Hausberg). The death of Adalgise and Geilo.
Massacre of Verdun. 4200 men killed under the guise of a peace treaty.
The battle at Teutoberg, followed up by the battle of Hase.
The sacking of Saxon lands that followed thereafter.

Several Saxon regions: Westphalia, Eastphalia, Angria and Nordalbinga.

The fellow monarch Carloman, uncle of Charlemagne.
The monarch Pepin, father of Charlemagne.
Boniface/Bonifatius destroys the Donar’s Oak.
The annual Charlemagne prize in Aachen.

Episode 2 : King Sigfred

Answers time – the Frank and Saxon cultures.
Introduction of Kind Sigfred of the Danes.

Episode 3 : King Gudfred of Denmark

Answer time – Huskarls, the Seax, Danegeld, Wergeld.
King Gudfred (rule 804 -810 AD) resistance to Charlemagne.
Description of a Viking raid.

Episode 4 : Dressing Up

Clothing and jewelry of Danes, Norwegians, Swedish and Rus

Greetings, my name is Hanz Hugren. I am a proponent of White Wellbeing so long as the actions undertaken are in accordance with my morality and participant in several White positive projects. Among which is the magazine Europe&Diaspora, I also collaborate with the other hosts on HeimdallR’s Home and of course my channel going by my own name. For School of the West, I host the series “Vikings for White Wellbeing.” A renewed look on our history as a people from a White positive perspective.

For the truly curious, I do delve in European spirituality, however this is personal and I shall share only more with those that care to talk to me personally. Suffice to say, I find joy experiencing nature, culture and company by the rythm of my own life, as I’d say is the healthiest path. I want our young folk to at least have the opportunity to choose the same path if they so want to.

Furthermore for the truly, truly curious I write poetry and lyrics for music. I do have an interest for psychology of the different races and I philosophize on occasion to make sense out of the world around me. The results of both are for me to help people see life in a more proactive and hopeful way.

I do have further ambitions to partake in the creation of movies about history or even a series. Vikings, Westerns, Medieval, all of these and more I’d like to explore. At the end of the day, I want our people to become whole again. Thank you for your time in reading.