"Vikings for White Wellbeing" (By Hanz Hugren)

Map of the Frankish Empire

Frankish empire and neighbors, from 481 AD to 810 AD

Episode 1 : A Fury is Born

Charlemagne’s forced conversion of the Saxons

Episode 1 Supplement

Siege of Eresburg. Destruction of the Irminsul.
Desidirius and his Lombards, father-in-law to Charlemagne.
Widukind/ Wittekind rises to leadership.
Battle at Süntel (Hausberg). The death of Adalgise and Geilo.
Massacre of Verdun. 4200 men killed under the guise of a peace treaty.
The battle at Teutoberg, followed up by the battle of Hase.
The sacking of Saxon lands that followed thereafter.

Several Saxon regions: Westphalia, Eastphalia, Angria and Nordalbinga.

The fellow monarch Carloman, uncle of Charlemagne.
The monarch Pepin, father of Charlemagne.
Boniface/Bonifatius destroys the Donar’s Oak.
The annual Charlemagne prize in Aachen.

Episode 2 : King Sigfred

Answers time – the Frank and Saxon cultures.
Introduction of Kind Sigfred of the Danes.

Episode 3 : King Gudfred of Denmark

Answer time – Huskarls, the Seax, Danegeld, Wergeld.
King Gudfred (rule 804 -810 AD) resistance to Charlemagne.
Description of a Viking raid.

Episode 4 : Dressing Up

Clothing and jewelry of Danes, Norwegians, Swedish and Rus

Episode 5 : Danish Kings

King Hemming, Harald Klak, King Horik I
Episode 6 : Norwegian Kings
Halfdan ‘the Black’ Gudrodsson

Episode 7 : Gods of the North

This episode gives insight into the spirituality that guided the actions of the Vikings.

Episode 8 : Ragnar Lodbrokar

A brief synopsis of Ragnar and his exploits in Paris and England.

       Hello dear reader, I am the creator of the Viking series for White Wellbeing, by myself, that is Hanz Hugren. What is there to be said about me that could interest you? I’m involved with all manner of projects who’s goals are White positive. The one of me by myself is Hanz Hugren on youtube. You can find me there philosophizing on the world, placing the videos of the Viking series and addressing a great variety of topics.

     What more could you be interested in knowing? I delve into European spirituality, gods, heroes, myths not simply for the sake of entertainment, but to draw inspiration from. I enjoy nature, cultural expressions of my kinsmen in all its varying ways and be in the company of those of like mind. That is to love and build our own, that includes giving our young folk an opportunity to at minimum live a better life than most in my generation was able to.

     For the particularly curious, I do write a bit of poetry or some lyrics. Psychology also intrigues me, usually I apply my knowledge to help people, given that it is appreciated effort. I am always keen to see people become more proactive and hopeful in life.

     When it may come to pass, I cannot say, however I do have some ambitions to partake in the creation of movies about history. Vikings obviously, Westerns, Medieval, all of which and more that may be worth exploring. For fun, but of course also to help our people become whole again. Thank you for taking the time to read, all the best and enjoy the Viking series!

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