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These courses are designed specifically to address the omissions and disinformation spread in public schools, as well as preparing White children to understand, and overcome, the anti-White propaganda they will face throughout their lives. The classes are taught by an award-winning, certified teacher.

What: One course for Youth (4 – 11), and one course for Teen (12 and up).

When: Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings on a secure web meet.

How: Sign up on the Membership Plans link.

Details: One price ($60.00) will give individual or family access to both live lesson courses, which will begin in early January and run through the end of April. Recorded meets will be available for participants who are absent for a class.

Youth Course Subjects:
  1. European Culture
  2. Earth Science (and Migrations)
  3. Anti-White Propaganda
  4. Cultural art projects
Teen Course Subjects:
  1. Propaganda
  2. Anti-White’s Inferiority Complex
  3. European Migrations
  4. Group Wellbeing
  5. Corruption
  6. Leadership
  7. Tradition