Course Description: The student of physics studies the natural world in a scientific and mathematical way. Since we all live in the world, we already know a lot about physics. This course takes what you know and organizes your knowledge within a mathematical framework called physics. The subject of physics is very broad. This series of lessons focuses on how things move and how objects respond to forces. This focus area is referred to as “Classical Mechanics”.

Ideally this course will be a supplement to an existing course curriculum. The reason for this is that the student needs more practice problems than this course provides.

Targeted Grade Level: This course is most appropriate for high school level students, although junior high students could find this course helpful.

Prerequisites: It is recommended that the student have some introduction to both Algebra and Trigonometry. These two subject areas are reviewed within this course for those who need a refresher, and to fill in gaps in knowledge that are necessary for this course.

Physics of Mechanics (Module One):

Physics of Mechanics (Module Two):