White Wellbeing

The School of the West exists to serve the children of “Westernkind”. Westernkind refers to White people as a collective, and as a historical entity. “White Wellbeing” is the welfare of Westernkind and all its expressions. Here, you will find only love and admiration for our people. You will find not only traditional educational material, but material designed to protect our children against the anti-white propaganda they will encounter in their lives.

The process of shielding our children (and ourselves) against this propaganda – and awakening our greatness within – is referred to as Going Free – as in “going free” from the anti-white propaganda.

Credit for the creation and advocacy of this successful process goes to the indefatigable Jason Köhne (aka NoWhiteGuilt).

White Wellbeing for Youth

Foundational Video 1:

Foundational Video 2:

Going Free Concepts: