White Wellbeing: Teen / Young Adult

GO FREE From the Antiwhite Propaganda

Put simply, Going Free is the adoption of a mental and verbal structure- which uses logic, reason and evidence- to cut through the anti-White propaganda that has been heaped upon Westernkind  for the entirety of our lives.

Within this structure, fairness, truth and facts matter once again. Using the mental and verbal tools of Going Free, one is able to recognize, treat and immunize oneself against the anti-White lies too many of our people have accepted as truth.

Going Free on a global scale will restore tranquility, order and safety to Western Civilization by restoring bodily, emotional and spiritual harmony to Westernkind.

So, why do we need to "Go Free"?

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Understanding Propaganda

A Four part series by John Malt:

Recognizing Antiwhite Propaganda in Movies

Anti-White propaganda in Norma Rae   (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Bird Box  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Time Machine  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in Die Hard  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Northman  (Jason Kohne):

Other Resources

A book study of Outrage Inc. (Louise Silvers):

Westernkind Games (Go Free Game):

White Wellbeing promotional video by Final Blossom and John Malt.