White Wellbeing: Teen / Young Adult

(Understanding Antiwhite Propaganda)

Understanding Propaganda

A Four part series by John Malt:

Recognizing Antiwhite Propaganda in Movies

Anti-White propaganda in Norma Rae   (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Bird Box  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Time Machine  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in Die Hard  (Devon Stack):

Anti-White propaganda in The Northman  (Jason Kohne):

Anti-American subversion in An American Tail
(Devon Stack and Frodi Midjord):

How has Antiwhite Propaganda led to "White Erasure"?

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Go Free : The Primary Resource for Combatting Propaganda

The psychological tools to defeat antiwhite propaganda are found within the Going Free tactics. Going Free reclaims productive language – (the lexicon) and employs logical arguments (the dialectic) with that lexicon. (It’s simpler than it  sounds).

In the “Go Free” book by Jason Kohne, the reader will be introduced to the lexicon and dialectic – which uses logic, reason and evidence to cut through anti-White propaganda with ease.

Not only is the reader able to recognize, treat and immunize his/ herself against antiwhite lies, but they can use their new ability to spread White Wellbeing to others as well.

Other Resources

A book study of Outrage Inc. (Louise Silvers):

Westernkind Games (Go Free Game):

White Erasure video by Final Blossom.