White Wellbeing: Teen

Book Study: "Outrage, Inc."
ABOUT THIS BOOK STUDY: Our contributor Louise Silver has put together a comprehension question packed based on “Outrage, Inc. (How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism and Hollywood)”. This packet is designed to be used after reading the book.

Extension questions, additional online sources, and further suggested reading  is also included. Parents are encouraged to preview the packet, and take part in discussions with their teen children upon completing each chapter.
Download / view the book study questions.
Download / view the book study answers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Louise Silver went to university for Journalism and English, and is an entrepreneur. She has done writing, including for an online magazine, as well as extensive translation work. After developing a program and teaching in the United States for a few years, she moved to Europe where she taught English in various capacities for over 10 years, including at a university. Upon her return to the states, she was struck by how bad the situation had gotten for her people and felt strongly compelled to do something about it.

The School of the West  has provided an outlet where she can contribute to the wellbeing of Westernkind. Currently, she is studying the ancient history of Europeans, including biblical aspects and implications of a mostly forgotten heritage.