The Great Westmen

  The terms Westernkind and Westmen are used here as all encompassing, to include both the men and women that make up Westernkind.

  This series is dedicated to those who have never known or never considered that their people have made magnificent contributions to the betterment of Western Civilization and mankind as a whole. The story is told through people and what they have achieved. The peoples of Western Civilization are bound together by a bio-spiritual force that expresses itself through creative works; in short through a unique cultural expression.

  But what is culture? We hear the term often and the typical person just equates culture with food. Spaghetti, pizza, chicken cacciatore, marinara sauce. Is that all there is to culture? No!  Culture includes the customs, dress, works of art, literature, music, engineering, architecture, science, language, social, legal, and religious customs of a people.

  Biospirit  is a force unique to each people. Crudely defined as instinct, biospirit  is the expected natural and historic thought, and behavioral patterns, distinct to a people. Culture is an expression of the biospirit  of a people upon their environment.

  The story of Western Civilization is, if anything, the story of men, Westmen. These are a few of their stories.
Every member of  Westernkind (including you) helps our society become great.

Science and Technology

Featured Accomplishment: Discovery that an electric current creates a magnetic force.
Featured Accomplishment: Discovery of electromagnetic induction.
Featured Accomplishment: The equations that bear his name.
Featured Accomplishment: Experimental demonstration of the reality of electromagnetic waves.
Featured Accomplishment: Development of radio science and practice.

“The Road to Radio” is a short summary of the discoveries of Westmen, who layered knowledge of the new science of electricity and magnetism, culminating in the development and commercialization of radio technology.

Featured Accomplishment: Invention of the bullet proof vest.
Featured Accomplishment: Known as the father of the U2 and SR-71 supersonic spy planes.

The art and architecture of Western Civilization occupy a special place in the story of our people. For our purposes we are combining art and architecture as great architecture is great art. The art and architecture of the West provides a bridge from our past into the present. It is a language of our shared collective memory; a mnemonic transmission modality from past to present. It binds our kinship with Westmen  we have never met. As native sons, it connects us to our Civilization. It provides the cultural base rock, the foundation for remembering into the future.

Memorials, statuary and architectural structures are the most visible transmitters of our collective cultural memory. What a people chooses to venerate, or not, in its memorials, statuary and architectural structures is indicative of its collective memory. Erase a culture’s memorials and you erase a people’s mnemonic links to its past and to each other.

Art and Architecture

How one town uses its public spaces to preserve its shared cultural memory
Featured Accomplishment: The engineering design and construction of the dome atop Florence’s Santa Maria del Fiores Cathedral
Featured Accomplishment: Design and construction of London’s iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The Making of St. Paul’s Cathedral
Featured Accomplishment: Creation of the Gothic style of architecture

Featured Accomplishment: Founder of America’s first art movement

Literature and Music

How is an epic structured? What is its affect on Western Civilization?

Kalevala is the soaring epic poem of the Finnish people.

Sibelus awakes the ethnic national consciousness of Finland.

In the uncategorized section, will be the stories of Westmen that don’t neatly fit into our pre-defined categories, yet are important in telling the story of Westernkind. Here you will find the explorers, pioneers, adventurers, settlers, soldiers, statesmen, and “ordinary” Westmen that build nations.


Some famous Scots-Irish that came to America.

The First Thanksgiving: Setting the record straight.

The Pilgrims, and the lies Anti-Whites tell about them: The 1623 Clash at Wessagusset